Eufrasia Distilled Eye Drops


Euphrasia also known as Eyebright is a flowered plant that blooms beautiful lilac, purple and white flowers in late summer. It is known as an ophthalmic (eye) remedy due to the wonderful effects obtained by it, known to be used for any type of inflammation or irritation of the eyes. Not surprisingly it is also referred to as: the eyes of the grass.


We are daily exposed to dust, smog, pollution, our computer, and phones, resulting in tired eyes. It is for this reason the use of daily or periodic Euphrasia has done wonders for many. Congestion, tears, excessive sensitivity to light, fatigue and bags under the eyes are all known to improve with the use of Euphrasia.

 Dr Taffi’s Eufrasia Distilled Eye Drops are obtained by distillation in a copper alembic of fresh Euphrasia plant, cornflower, hyssop and chamomile. The synergist action and combination of the distillate of these plants produces a decongestant, calming, and soothing characteristics. It is particularly a beneficial treatment for the periocular areas known to be sensitive and delicate.

The cornflower one of the ingredients in these eyes drops is a great remedy for dark circles. Its beautiful blue flowers help us achieve a relaxed and luminous effect, just like morning after a goods night’s rest. Additionally, Cornflower water created in France is also good for the eyes because its rich in decongestant substances such as flavonoids and anthocyanins along with moisturizers, such as pectin’s. Distilled hyssop water was used in Persia as a tonic known to make the skin invigorating and shiny. While chamomile in addition to be being used for eye washes, eyelid lotions, and natural eye drops also has decongestant properties that relieve the sensation of heaviness after a tiring day.

The best way to use Dr Taffi’s Eufrasia Distilled Eye Drops by applying a few drops using the practical dropper on both eyes and gently tap it allowing it to penetrate. Another great method is to soak cotton waffles and compress on the eyes for 15/20 minutes as you lie and relax, resulting in a relaxed and luminous look.