Glycolic Acid


Glycolic acid, or hydroxyacetic acid, is part of a large family of alpha-hydroxy acids.

Unlike many of its equivalents obtained in the laboratory, glycolic acid is completely natural and obtained from sugar cane. It is known to have  a much lower molecular weight, resulting in greater penetration capacity.

Glycolic Acid has 2 key actions:

First, it smoothes and gives the skin brightness. It peels the surface layer of the skin improving cellular turn-over.

Secondly, it is to increase collagen synthesis, elastin and hydration, resulting in a brighter and more compact skin, a uniform complexion, greater hydration and the reduction of wrinkles. It is also known to reduce skin blemishes.

It may also be used as an acne treatment and imperfections in general. It greatly improves, with its smoothing action, and deep cleaning of the skin. It removes blackheads (also salicylic) and brings sebum production back to normal, returning the skin to optimal conditions. It reduces the stratum corneum, in the presence of previous acne scars, making them less noticeable.

For this reasons Glycolic Acid is a real Peeling.

The term “Peel” refers to all methods that have as their primary purpose to exfoliate, clean and illuminate the skin.


Dr. Taffi Glycolic Acid is completely vegetable, since it is extracted exclusively from sugar cane from organic crops, and buffered at pH 3.5 with a special methodology, a process that makes it suitable for simple and, above all, safe application.

The Glycolic Treatment is preferably done in the cooler months because the skin treated with Glycolic should be protected from UV rays and therefore the best period is when their concentration is much lower.

Although glycolic acid can be used with individual products, best results are obtained when the following products are used together.

For this reason, Dr. Taffi Bionatural Research Laboratories have studied specific treatment programs for the various skin types:

  • Normal Skin Treatment, for a naturally renewed skin.

    Among the various benefits that the skin can derive from a treatment based on glycolic acid, the one certainly most famous and popular is the anti-aging action. And certainly, with good reason, since the use, for cycles limited in time and always during the colder months, of products based on glycolic contributes to:

    • Reduce and counteract more or less accentuated roughness
    • Even out and brighten the skin color
    • Increase skin tone and elasticity
  • Sensitive Skin Treatment, for the most sensitive, delicate and/or couperose skin. In this Treatment, glycolic acid mainly has a moisturizing, illuminating and gently smoothing action. The expected glycolic acid concentration is low, only 2%, to avoid an action that is too aggressive and sensitizing, but at the same time sufficient to retain the water molecules on the epidermis, then moisturize deeply, and stimulate the endogenous production of collagen and elastin, then tone and regroup the oval.
  • Acne/Impure Skin Treatment, purifying and normalizing sebum, for impure skin and/or acne. The treatment, natural and vegetable, Dr. Taffi Glycolic Acid System for impure skin involves a percentage of glycolic acid at 3%, therefore rather low to avoid subjecting the skin, most likely already inflamed, to further stress.
  • Anti-blemish, hand-face lightening for every age.

    The Anti-Blemish Treatment acts on skin spots of various kinds, contributes to the gradual elimination of pigmented cells favoring a progressive lightening. It is:

    • Ideal for lightening skin: dark, light and/or stained
    • Can be used all year round
    • Also suitable for sensitive skin
    • Acts directly on stains leaving the surrounding areas unchanged.

All the treatment are complete, so the action is not limited to exfoliating. In the formulations of the various products provided, in fact, there are plant extracts of aloe, altea, mauve, honey and zinc oxideor with strong soothing actions. Finally, the presence of burdock helps the regularization of the skin pH and assists antimicrobial activity together with propolis and grapefruit seed extract.