Glycolic Acid Normal Skin Treatment


Glycolic Acid Ultra Rejuvenating Treatment made with glycolic acid and aloe vera for Wrinkles is an ultra-active bio-cosmetic facial on the skin and dermatologically tested with excellent effects. The results are visible after 4 weeks and are as follows:

  • Micro roughness -83%
  • Skin smoothness +94%
  • Skin firmness +77%
  • Hydration +36%
  • Elasticity +30%


The Treatment consists of 5 bottles:

Glycolic Acid Bio-peeling Liquid Soap:

It is ideal for daily cleansing of hands, face and body. It is ideal in “Glycolic Acid Treatment” but it's also perfect to be used  like an everyday face soap.

Pre-Treatment Lotion (Preparation) 125 ml:

1) Pre acidify the skin by gently preparing it for Ultra Active Bio-peeling.

2) Deeply cleans the epidermis from all impurities by narrowing the pores.

3) It gives brightness and makes the skin color uniform.

Active ingredients: Fruit acids extracted from lemon, mango and maracuja (passion fruit).

HOW TO USE: Apply it in the evening 2 minutes before Bio-peeling Ultra Active, pat on the entire face, cleansed with a cotton wad soaked with Pre Treatment Lotion. Wait for the Pre-Treatment Lotion to be completely absorbed. Go to step 2.

Bio-Peeling Ultra Active (Bio-Peeling) 30 ml:

1) HyperREJUVENATEs the skin by regenerating the epidermis in depth.

2) Smoothing effect on wrinkles.

3) Stimulates cellular turn-over and the production of new collagen.

Active ingredients: Glycolic acid is extracted from sugar cane, in the bionatural research laboratories of Dr. Taffi which is partially neutralized to pH 3.5 and synergized with a special methodology with aloe extract and gel, for a soothing and moisturizing action.

HOW TO USE: Apply in the evening four touches of Bio-Peeling Ultra Active on the face (forehead, chin and cheeks) and massage for one minute with outwards circular movements. Avoid the area around the eyes, lips and nostrils. In the first 5 applications, it is recommended rinsing after 2/3 minutes. For the following applications, you can avoid rinsing. Wash your hands. Go to step 3.

Ultra Regenerating Cream 30 ml:

1) Soothes the skin by restructuring it.

2) Nourishes the skin by penetrating deeply to stretch it and redefine it.

3) Firm the oval by accelerating collagen synthesis.

Active ingredients: Vitamins A, E microencapsulated in very penetrating soy liposomes due to their structure similar to the cell membrane; aloe vera extract and gel with a soothing, moisturizing and neutralizing action; vegetable oils of jojoba and wheat germ, raw shea butter and royal jelly.

HOW TO USE: In the evening apply four touches of Ultra Regenerating Cream, after Bio-Peeling Ultra Active, on forehead, chin and cheeks and massage for 2 minutes with outwards circular movements. Avoid the area around the eyes, lips and nostrils.

Ultra Moisturizing Cream (Day Hydration Protection) 30 ml:

1) Protects the skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays.

2) It has an anti-radical, hyperhydrating and regenerating action.

3) It gives softness, protects against the aging effects caused by pollution; great as a makeup base.

Active ingredients: Vitamin C microencapsulated in soy liposomes that has a deep anti-radical action; aloe vera in synergy with hydroglyceric extracts of mauve, altea and yarrow, which protects against pollution; honey with moisturizing and soothing properties. Solar filters SPF 20.

HOW TO USE: In the morning apply four touches of Ultra Moisturizing Cream on the face (forehead, chin and cheeks) and massage for one minute with outwards circular movements.

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